127B Long Nose 35º

127B Long Nose 35º

Three new long nose pliers designed with a 35º angled tip for reaching into those hard to get at areas. Great for holding or extracting pieces around the engine, brakes and in machine tools, etc. Ergonomic 35º tip: Allows effortless access into difficult to reach areas.Curved section: Same pliers can hold rounded  objects

Technical Data

Grip-on Ref. c1 c2 c3 c4
127B-06 165 0-55 51 190
127B-10 235 0-70 70 400
127B-12 300 0-100 130 480

Market Sectors

welding-work metal-fabrication auto-body auto-mechanics aviation general-mechanics air-conditioning plumbing building d-i-y agriculture marine electronics fishing handicrafts upholstery woodwork