BCI Parallel Pin Punches

BCI Parallel Pin Punches

Parallel Pin Punches:

Parallel Pin Punches are mainly used for embossing tips or sheet metal work to extract pins. The head with parabolic shape facilitates and centers the blow with the hammer. Made of Chrome-Vanadium Steel. Black glossy nickel finish. Hardness 56-58 HRC. Isothermal heat treatment.

Technical Data

Grip-on Ref. Size
BCI-160-720 2 x 9 x 160 mm
BCI-160-730 3 x 9 x 160 mm
BCI-160-740 4 x 9 x 160 mm
BCI-160-750 5 x11 x 160 mm
BCI-160-760 6 x 11 x 160 mm
BCI-160-770 7 x 11 x 160 mm
BCI-160-780 8 x 11 x 160 mm
BCI-160-790 9 x 11 x 160 mm
BCI-160-791 10 x 11 x 160 mm

Market Sectors

welding-work metal-fabrication auto-body auto-mechanics aviation general-mechanics air-conditioning plumbing building d-i-y agriculture marine electronics fishing handicrafts upholstery woodwork