BCO Centre Punches

BCO Centre Punches

Centre Punches:

Centre punches are used to mark locations by impact so that it is easier to drill a hole with a drill. These cases are usually present when working with ceramic material. The head with parabolic shape facilitates and centers the blow with the. made of Chrome-Vanadium Steel. Black glossy nickel finish. Hardness 56-58 HRC. Isothermal heat treatment.

Technical Data

Grip-on Ref. Size
BCO-130-520 2 x 9 x 130 mm
BCO-130-540 4 x 9 x 130 mm
BCO-130-550 5 x 9 x 130 mm
BCO-160-560 6 x 11 x 160 mm
BCO-160-580 8 x 11 x 160 mm
BCO-160-591 10 x 11 x 160 mm

Market Sectors

welding-work metal-fabrication auto-body auto-mechanics aviation general-mechanics air-conditioning plumbing building d-i-y agriculture marine electronics fishing handicrafts upholstery woodwork