All Women Dakar Team

Margot Llobera & Mercè Martí

It is a team made up entirely of 5 women with experience in high competition.

Its mission is to vindicate the presence of women in the toughest Raid in the world. Make your goals visible by empowering and giving visibility to women with the aim of promoting future generations.

Grip-on Tools, will be sponsored by this team in Dakar 2022

It will supply Locking Pliers, Clamps, Hand Tools for any necessary revision and maintenance.

The Can-am vehicle prepared by FN Speed ​​Team is a Maverick RS, and it stands out from the rest of the brands in the sector for its powerful 195-horsepower Rotax V-twin-cylinder engine, a dual-level gearbox and exclusive features that They make it truly a racing machine.




ROTAX 903 Turbo RS Type: 3 cylinders – 12 valv.

Displacement: 899 cc

Max power: 195 HP at 7250 rpm Max torque: 170 Nm at 6000 rpm

Mercè Martí & Margot Llobera


Mercè Martí was born in Sant Feliu de LLobregat, Barcelona and her life has always been linked to adventure sports and the world of motoring.

In 1995 she was a finalist in the Camel Tropy Mundo Maya and more recently she is the Official Driver of Porsche Center Barcelona with a 964 in the Classic Series.

Her achievements have led her to be considered one of the 100 great Spanish adventurers of all time.




Automotive honors

2020 Porsche Classic Series runner-up with a Porsche 964. Regularity on the Circuit
2019 Official Driver of Porsche Barcelona in the Porsche Classic Series. 4th place
2018 Participant in the Mille Miglia
2013 Montjuic Revival with a Porsche 356
2012 Third Classified in the Eco Series Runner-up of the Volta a Catalunya 
2012 and 2014 with Porsche 914 and with Ferrari 304GT4


Born in 1996, she has been fulfilling sporting goals for years. She climbed, ski, triathlons, basketball, trial bike, mountain marathons, cross-country skiing … Even representing her country for years, with the women’s soccer team.

By profession, an Industrial Design Engineer, Margot has bet her whole life on competitive sport.

Adventurous and tenacious, what has motivated him the most has been to measure himself outside of her comfort zone. At just 17 years old, she embarked on her first car rally in Morocco, the Panda Raid as a co-driver, finishing in a very good position. From that moment on she began her fixation on having adventures in the desert. She learned to ride motorcycles at the age of 18 with a very clear goal: to one day participate in the toughest rally in the world, the Dakar Rally. During all this time she has participated in the World Cup of Casualties and in the most demanding Rally-Raids: Merzouga Rally,

1000 Dunas, Hellas Rally… riding and sailing with her bike all over the world and on all kinds of surfaces.

2021 2 Fémina Bajas World Cup - 12th overall
2020 Dakar participation as attendance & press
2019 3rd Female Merzouga Rally
2019 1st Female 1000 Dunes
2019 5th General 1000 Dunes
2019 4th Fémina Baja Aragón World Championship
2019 2nd Female Bassella Race
2019 1st Female Enduroc
2018 1st Female 1000 Dunes
2018 7th General 1000 Dunes
2018 1st Female Baja Aragón Cat. Open
2018 2nd Junior Baja Aragon
2018 3rd Female Spanish Championship Bajas Stage RFME
2018 DAKAR 2018 as press with the Himoinsa Team2017


New Sponsorship: Margot Llobera

Grip-on Tools has reached a sponsorship and tool supply agreement with the very young Andorran pilot Margot Llobera (1996).

Margot Llobera

Margot has practiced countless sports throughout her still short life, but it was not until she was 17 that she found her passion: adventure motorcycling. And what greater adventure than the Dakar? Although this 2021 she will not be in the departure of Jeddah, she hopes to be able to take part in a short period of time. In the meantime, she hopes to gain more experience aboard her KTM to be able to tackle the adventure as well prepared as possible by participating in tests on both national and international soil.


Since 2017 it has achieved a more than remarkable results, highlighting the 3rd place in women´s category of the prestigious Merzouga Rally in Morocco in 2019 and the 1st places in the same category in the 1000 Dunes in 2018 and 2019, in addition to the 7th and 5th place respectively in the general clasification.





For this 2020 and with an eye on the Dakar race of 2022, a demanding calendar had been set with participation in Baja Extremadura, Baja Aragón, Rally Morocco, 1000 Dunes and the enduro and resistance championships of Spain, Catalonia and Andorra. In addition to that, she has planned specific training sessions in Morocco in which to work on both navigation and driving style in the desert dunes, a task that is always difficult and even more so when done on a motorcycle.

HANDS FREE SET – Locking Pliers to Bench Vise

The Honest Carpenter – Ethan James

THE HONEST CARPENTER by Ethan Daniel James, a professional tradesman and writer in Raleigh, NC.


Having spent much of his life working as a carpenter throughout North Carolina, Ethan eventually realized that the number one problem facing homeowners was a lack of access to credible advice. Disheartened by what he saw as increasingly unethical standards in residential construction, he began to imagine ways that he could provide homeowners with the support they needed to maintain their homes and avoid predatory contracting practices.

NEW Universal Locking Pliers SET OS-SET3-89 for Professionals and DIY

OS-SET3-89 Universal Locking Pliers SET

• Smooth-running release lever with spring mechanism.
One-handed operation – pull instead of press.
• Lock nut for locking the span.
Consistent setting for repetitive work steps.
• Ergonomic and attractive design.
Comfortable and effortless handling.

• High quality epoxy coating.
Greater resistance to welding pellets.
Less rust infiltration than with nickel.
20 times better rust resistance than a nickel coating.
More environmentally friendly.

The combination of straight, semicircular and convex jaws shape
enables a variety of clamping options.

Technical Data

Grip-on Ref. c1 c2 c3 c4


202 0-52 44 370


254 0-67 56



307 0-70 56


Market Sectors

welding-work metal-fabrication auto-body auto-mechanics aviation general-mechanics air-conditioning plumbing building d-i-y agriculture marine electronics fishing handicrafts upholstery woodwork

NEW Locking Pliers SET GC-SET4-89 for Professionals and DIY

GC-SET4-89 General Universal Locking Pliers – Combination SET

A combination of 4 different popular locking pliers presented in a practical plastic pouch (KB-4-GR) for quick access, storage and carriage. Ideal kit for professionals and enthusiasts in all fields. Universal Locking Pliers Curved jaws with wire cutter and Long Nose plier.

Technical Data

Grip-on Ref. c1 c2 c3 c4


143 0-32 23 180


192 0-42 33



238 0-62 41



176 0-50 52


Market Sectors

welding-work metal-fabrication auto-body auto-mechanics aviation general-mechanics air-conditioning plumbing building d-i-y agriculture marine electronics fishing handicrafts upholstery woodwork

NEW Locking Pliers – MULTIGRIP



New Locking Plier by Grip-on Tools,S.Coop.

112-10 Straight Jaws
Universal Locking Pliers 112-10
Locking Plier
Universal Locking Plier 120-10
Universal Locking Plier 121-10
Omnium Grip
Universal Locking Plier 131-10

Universl Locking Plier with Multi Jaw options. Straight Jaws, Straight & Concave Jaws, Curved Jaws with Wire Cutter, Multi Purpose Jaws Omnium Grip.

Epoxy resin surface coating.

– 1 Plier with 4 different Universal Jaws

– Save time. Save money. Save place.

– 100% Made in EU/Spain.

– High quality product.

– Own design and own manufacturing.

– Quick and easy to change.

– 20 times more corrosion resistant than nickel.

– The spreading of rust is much quicker below nickel plated surfaces than epoxy painted surfaces.

– Greater resistance to welding pellets.

– Enviormentally friendly

– Welding work, Metal Fabrication, Auto-body, Auto Mechanics, Aviation, General Maintenance, Air Conditioning, Plumbing, Building, D.I.Y., Agriculture, Marine, Electronics, Fishing, Handicrafts, Upholstery, Woodwork.


If you’re going to own a set of locking pliers (and we strongly suggest you do), the best ones to get are the Grip-On 111-10.


Our pick
Grip-On 111-10

The build quality and mechanics of the Grip-On’s far exceeded the other models we looked at. None of our testers knew that a pair of locking pliers could be so smooth.
After three carpenters tested 10 sets of pliers, the praise for the Grip-Ons was unanimous. In my 15 years of tool using/reviewing experience, I’ve never seen a pair of locking pliers combine so much finesse with such aggressive gripping force. These pliers have, by far, the smoothest and easiest unlocking mechanism of any pair tested. They also have a jaw-sizing knob that turns easily, an overall build quality that is outstanding, and a funky orange color that’s easy to get behind for purely aesthetic reasons.

Why you should trust us

I spent 10 years in the trades, first as a carpenter, then foreman, and finally site supervisor working on multimillion-dollar residential projects. During that time, I spent countless hours with locking pliers in my hands. I’ve also been writing about and reviewing tools since 2007 with articles appearing in Fine Homebuilding, This Old House, Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, and Tools of the Trade, where I’m a contributing editor.
As part of the research for this guide, I also spoke with Stuart Deutsch of and Harry Sawyers, editor of The Sweethome and former editor at This Old House and Popular Mechanics.

How we picked and tested

Locking pliers do just that—they lock on to a nut, bolt, or a hundred other small objects with a thick pair of serrated jaws. To use them, the jaws need to be set to slightly smaller than the size of what you’re trying to grab. Then, as pressure is applied to the handles, a series of levers and pivot points tension and lock the jaws in place. In most cases to unlock the jaws, a release lever needs to be tripped, but with some designs, the handles simply need to be pulled apart.
At the most basic, locking pliers are used to grab rounded over and stripped screws and bolts, but in reality they’re much more versatile. As Sawyers told us, locking pliers “are at the center of a million little labor saving shortcuts that you pick up one by one over a lifetime of doing projects.” As an example, he pointed us to this video, which shows Tom Silva of Ask This Old House using the tool to hold up a garage door while he works on the cables. In the same spirit, I recently used them to clamp two fence sections together while I repaired a chicken coop.

The tested locking pliers

Toolguyd’s Stuart Deutsch told us that the best locking pliers are all about ease of operation. “What matters most is user comfort. Can I open and close the pliers easily without needing super-human strength and without pinching my skin?” This is a very valid point, particularly concerning the release of the jaws. Because the jaw mechanism is so tensioned, their sudden release can be a jolting experience. Most carpenters have gotten at least one blood blister from a popping set of locking plier handles.
During testing, we found that the best of the styles is the upward release lever (found on both our main recommendation and our runner-up). For more detailed information on how the different styles work (and why we don’t recommend some of them), see the Competition section.


After spending time researching locking pliers, we chose our test candidates based on company reputation as well as customer feedback at retailers etc. As for the specifics of our testing, I enlisted the aid of two other carpenters: Aaron Goff, with 12 years of experience in high-end remodeling, and Mark Piersma, with 14 year’s experience.

Each one of us handled all of the pliers with time spent clamping, locking, unlocking, and adjusting. Once there was a consensus as to which one was the best—and really, after examining the whole test group, the winner was clear—we did a second round of testing in which I exclusively used our pick for eight months as I wrapped up the full gut and remodel of my 100-year-old farmhouse.


Our pick Grip-On 111-10

The build quality and mechanics of the Grip-Ons far exceeded the other models we looked at. None of our testers knew that a pair of locking pliers could be so smooth.
The Grip-On 111-10 pliers are unique in their combination of finesse and strength. Without question, the high point of the tool is the ease of the unlocking mechanism. The release lever is nested in the lower handle and extends slightly from the back end. To unclasp the jaws, the lever needs to be pulled toward the upper handle. Even when the jaws are locked extremely tight, it’s possible to do this with a single finger.

Upon release, the jaws just open with a smooth, low-key pop. Compare that with nearly all of the other pliers tested, which either produced a sudden jolt, a loud springing noise, or some significant clicking or clacking of metal on metal—not here.With the smoothness of the unlocking mechanism, it’s not surprising that the entire tool has an exceptional build quality. On all of the other pliers, the lower jaw could wiggle back and forth, but on the Grip-On Locking Pliers, the tolerances are so perfect that there is no movement at all.


In addition, even though there is no padded handle like on some models, the rounded-over shape of the handles makes them very comfortable to hold and squeeze.
The jaws of the Grip-Ons are long and capable of maximum grab of about 2 inches. The teeth themselves are deep and aggressive. I tried them out on a variety of bolts and pipes, and once this tool is locked on, it’s not going anywhere. Because of an epoxy coating, the tool has an interesting orange color that is not only oddly stylish and attractive for a hand tool, but it makes them far less likely to lose.

I’ve never had a problem spotting them in a toolbox or on my workbench.
The Grip-On Pliers are definitely on the high side of the pricing scale, but we’re convinced that the smoothness of the unlocking mechanism, combined with the overall quality of the tool, more than justifies the cost.

After using the Grip-Ons, the majority of the other locking pliers felt clunky and cheap. We’re not the only ones that like them. Deutsch, writing at Toolguyd, calls the Grip-Ons “the bees knees” and “spectacular to use.”


The Competition

The upward release lever is the easiest to use and it offers the most control over the tool, so that detail really guided us as we narrowed in on our picks. In this style of lever, once the jaws are locked, just slide your hand back on the handle and simply pull the lever upwards. During the process you can maintain full control of the tool with the one hand. The release is smooth and not jarring. Our recommended Grip-Ons have this style as do our runner-up products from other manufacturers.
In this category, we also tested other Made in EU pliers. These are very nice and have a release lever that is almost, but not quite, as nice as the Grip-Ons. These also have what others calls a “universal jaw,” which is supposed to make it easier to grab a variety of shapes (round, hex, and flat). We couldn’t find any real additional benefit to them compared with the Grip-On jaws. That, combined with the fact that they’re almost twice the price of our pick, led to their dismissal.

Grip-on Locking Pliers
The three styles of unlocking mechanism (from left): no release lever, downward release lever, upward release lever. The upward release lever, shown on the Grip-On, is the easiest to use.
The second style of release, the downward lever, is the one most typically associated with locking pliers. It’s a similar but mirrored design compared with the upward lever—the unlocking lever is in roughly the same place, but it needs to be pressed toward the lower handle and not the upper one. This means that you either need to use two hands to operate it or drop one hand entirely down to the lower handle.


This method is not smooth at all and in fact, the jaws tend to release with a violent pop that can cause the tool to jump right out of your hands. Another issue is getting your palm stuck between the lower handle and the release lever, which can easily lead to a blood blister. This system appears to be the least expensive to manufacture as we found quite a few models, like these Tektons and these Fullers.
As for tools using the downward release lever, we tested others and the USA brands neither of which impressed us in any way. They’re functional, but beyond that, there’s not a whole lot to say about them.
The third unlocking method is with no release lever. To open the jaws, the lower handle is simply opened up. This may sound like the easiest system, but if the jaws are tight (like they usually are), it takes two hands. The other thing is that when the jaws are in the open position, the handles are nearly perpendicular to one another, which means that it also takes two hands to lock the tool onto an object.

The unlocking mechanism also affects how far the handles need to open. Notice that the Grip-Ons (orange) open the least amount, making them the easiest for one-handed operation. The far left pliers have a great self-adjusting feature, but the handles open so wide, they are nearly impossible to grip with one hand.


Of the tools with no release lever, we tested the USA brands. They all have beefy padded handles, which is nice, but it was ultimately the awkwardness of the release that caused us to dismiss them.
We also took a close look at to the other Locking Pliers. These are unique in that they eliminate the jaw width adjustment that needs to take place before each use. Simply clamp on an object and the tool adjusts the jaw width by itself. A separate small knob lets you tweak the gripping force. While this method has the benefit of speed, the handles open too widely to lock them on without using two hands, particularly with larger objects.

Also, if you want to tinker with the gripping strength, you still need to fiddle with an adjustment knob. Sawyers likes the idea of the automatic knob adjustment, but ultimately prefers the more traditional adjustment knob, saying that “once you get the hang of it, it’s infinitely adjustable, and your hand gives you all the feedback you need to know when you’re at the right pressure.”
A (much) lesser version of this style is a brand with Self-Adjusting Locking Pliers that we also tested. So, all the locking pliers we looked at, these were at the bottom. In Deutsch’s review of them, he notes, “These pliers perform unpredictably,” and “I have no use for pliers that only work sometimes.”

Wrapping up

Locking pliers are a very useful tool to have around, and the ones to get are definitely theGrip-On 111-10. We have a runner-up options, but strongly recommend going with the Grip-Ons for just a bit more. You won’t regret it.


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