Grip-on Tools is the Exclusive Distributor for Spain & Portugal GEL-MATRIX® 

Colaboration with Gel-Matrix® for welding, woodwork and long time working areas.

We think on you.

What is the ergonomic problem with welding?

What limits fitness?

Grip-on has reached a collaboration agreement with Gel-Matrix® with the intention of improving the quality of work of its users. For this, Grip-on includes in its catalog the VITAL and WACH products, totally natural products without preservatives, sweeteners or added sugar; like all the products offered by the German firm.

These products are gels for ingestion (yes, like the great cycling champions) that do not require additional water to be taken.

The VITAL gel is aimed at welding, carpentry or any longtime works who are exposed to dust, smoke or fumes or even to who have to work with masks or respiratory protection. This supplement will help these workers to alleviate the feeling of overwhelm generated by these protections while helping to facilitate breathing in these cases.


  • Physical and mental stressl
  • Vitamin supply
  • Strengthening the immune system

WACH gel, as its name suggests in German, is a caffeine supply for long and tedious days that will keep you wake and focused at work thanks to the stimulants extracted from fruits such as guarana or coffee.


  • Endurance sports
  • Conzentration
  • Tiredness

Experienced welders are all too familiar with the high physical strains they face in their work and adjust to them day by day. They all have their own way of balancing the strain through physical activity in their free time. Unfortunately, the number of working days lost through people being unable to work is still very high. One of the reasons, quite often, the special working situation forces the welder to work in the same, almost static posture over a long period of time, for example when doing overhead work. In sports doctors’ jargon and in the world of welding, this is referred to as a “constrained posture” which causes one-sided strain. The blood vessels in the tightened muscles are pressed together for too long. The result: Poor blood flow and thus reduced oxygen supply to the muscle, leading to pain and fast fatigue.

NOTICE: this product is not a substitute for any medical product or treatment, and it must not be used as that under any circumstances. If you have ailments of any kind, we recommend that you see your doctor.

(source: Albicor Binzel -Fitness manual for welders)