New Locking Plier by Grip-on Tools,S.Coop. Universl Locking Plier with Multi Jaw options. Straight Jaws, Straight & Concave Jaws, Curved Jaws with Wire Cutter, Multi Purpose Jaws Omnium Grip.

Epoxy resin surface coating.

1 Plier with 4 different Universal Jaws. Save time, Save money & Save place. 100% Made in EU/Spain. High quality product. Own design and own manufacturing. Quick and easy to change. No pinch, easy release. 20 times more corrosion resistant than nickel. The spreading of rust is much quicker below nickel plated surfaces than epoxy painted surfaces. Greater resistance to welding pellets. Enviormentally friendly.

Application: Welding work, Metal Fabrication, Auto-body, Auto Mechanics, Aviation, General Maintenance, Air Conditioning, Plumbing, Building, D.I.Y., Agriculture, Marine, Electronics, Fishing, Handicrafts, Upholstery, Woodwork.

112 Straight jaws

Straight jaws with great capacity for tough jobs on the car, in the garage, workshop or factory. Heavy-duty nose: Ensures strong, tough tool. Reinforced precisely machined teeth: Provide secure grip for extra tough job.

120-10 Straight & Concave Jaws locking pliers

Straight & Concave jaws locking pliers. Multi-purpose design for welding, mechanics, plumbing, maintenance, DIY etc.

121 Curved Jaws w/wire cutter

All purpose; lever, plier, clamp, pipe wrench with wire cutter that can cut even heavy gauge wire with progressive bites. Wire cutter: Two tools in one. Invaluable in workshops, DIY, etc.

131 Omnium Grip

Modern, multi-purpose design ideal for all trades, including welding, mechanics, plumbing, DIY, etc.Jaw configuration combining straight, curved and convex profiles: Versatile tool securely gripping round, flat and large objects.