Inox Grinding Disc

Inox Grinding Disc

Special Aluminum Oxide. Suitable for grinding process of high alloy steels, hardened steels, stainless steels and common steel cast materials.. Featuring special aluminum oxide abrasive grains and a hard structure, the product is ideal for grinding stainless steel materials. The product does not contain iron (Fe) and sulfur (S).

Advantages: High burr removal capability on stainless steel materials, Long life

Technical Data

Grip-on Ref. mm m/s
975065 115 x 6,4 x 22.23 80
975066 125 x 6,4 x 22.23 80

Market Sectors

welding-work metal-fabrication auto-body auto-mechanics aviation general-mechanics air-conditioning plumbing building d-i-y agriculture marine handicrafts upholstery woodwork
Inox Grinding Disc